About Klaudia

Klaudia has been reading tarot since she received her first deck at the age of 13. Klaudia brings a lightness to her readings through relatable humor and deep intuitiveness. She is a mom to three minions and one tiny dog. 

Klaudia has always been fascinated by myths and stories. She has spent most of her life devouring books and exploring all things otherworldly.

Have a seat at her table and find out what story the cards want you to hear. She hopes that the messages you receive at her table will empower and inspire you to be the hero of your own tale. 


  • 4. The Emperor
    ★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Leadership * rules * with firmness. Inverted: Power * controls * with suppression. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: An opportunity will arrive that could well be the foundation of a very successful future.  This will be a very propitious happening.  Esoteric: If your foundation was built correctly, the manifestation will follow.  If not, you will haveContinue reading “Home”
  • 3. The Empress
    ★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Vitality * creates * with nourishment. Inverted: Excess * expands * with wildness. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: This is not a time to think, act, or do.  You’re already overloaded and mental pursuits won’t give you what you need.  Further attempts to follow your intellect or reasoning mind will only cause frustration or leadContinue reading “Home”
  • 2. The High Priestess
    ★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Mystery * unveils * with wisdom. Inverted: Secrecy * conceals * with jealousy. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: Once you make a decision or decide upon a goal, make a commitment to it and let nothing divert you from it or keep you from attaining it.  Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you inContinue reading “Home”

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